Skin Care Review

Welcome to the Skin Care Review

The ___________ is the science that is dedicated to the study of the skin, structure, functions, disorders and treatments.

_________ are physicians dedicated to the science of treating the skin, its structures, functions, and disorders.

___________ are specialists in cleansing, preserving health, and beautifying the skin and body.

The thinnest skin on the human body is that of

The skin is divided into two main parts

The ______________ is the outermost layer of the skin.

The epidermis is also known as ___________.

The ______ is the underlying or inner layer of the skin.

The skin, nails and hair feed on

SPF stands for in beauty products

The strength, shape and flexibility of the skin are related to ________ and ________.

____________ is a fibrous protein that gives skin shape and strength.

The fibers of ________ give the skin elasticity.

As skin ages, the production of ______ decreases and causes furrows to form.

The skin contains two types of conductive glands: _______ and _________.

The sweat glands regulate the body's _____________.

The sebaceous or oil-excretory glands of the skin just next to the

No sebaceous glands are found in:

When the sebum hardens and the duct becomes clogged, it forms

The percentage of skin aging caused by the sun's rays is

The _______ rays, also called "aging rays."

______ rays cause the skin to tan.

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