Cosmetology History

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The term Cosmetology means

The most popular cosmetic in ancient times was

In medieval times cosmetology was taught in

The first hairdressing academy in the U.S. was established in

At that time the red hair color meant

En aquella época las mujeres que utilizaban el color de cabello rubio significaba

At that time women who wore black hair meant

The capital of the barber pole was used to

Henna was used to color the hair, it was taken from

The __________ are considered pioneers in the history of cosmetology.

Mr. Alexandre Godefroy invented

Mr. _______ developed a hot iron technique to wave and curl hair.

The successors of the Egyptians were the

The ______ served the nobility and clergy.

The word "kosmetikos" is derived from the Greek and means ˝Kosmétikos” se deriva del griego y significa

The first nail care was registered in

In England the British used _____ to make their hair shine.

In the ____ century surgery is separated from hairdressing.

Madame C J Walker invented a

In ancient times they shaved the hair and beards of the soldiers who were going to battle so that

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