Hair Structure Review

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The two main parts of the hair are called

The stem has three parts, these are

The root of the stem contains the _______ which is the part that is responsible for nourishing the hair through the lymphatic vessels.

The structure that is shaped like a golf club and found at the bottom of the hair root is known as

When living hair cells mature they fill with a protein called

The highest hair density is generally found in people with natural __________ hair.

When the stem cuticle is strong and compact it means that the hair is

Wet hair with normal elasticity can stretch and contract up to _________ percent of its original length without splitting or breaking.

The _________ is the innermost layer of the hair structure.

The second layer of the hair shaft that provides most of the pigmentation and elasticity is known as

It can be said with certainty that hair is composed mainly of

A good method used in beauty salons to provide stimulation to the scalp is

The ________ refers to the degree of thickness of the hair.

The __________ refers to the amount of moisture that the hair absorbs.

The ability of hair to stretch and contract without breaking is known as

The natural color of the hair is derived from the amount of _______ accumulated in the cortex.

Healthy human hair grows approximately _____ inch per month

The sebum glands found at the root of the hair are attached to the _________.

El músculo que hace que se ponga la "piel de gallina" y se ericen los pelos, se conoce como _________.

The technical term for the study of hair is

The purpose of the hair is

The part of the hair that extends above the surface of the skin or scalp is called

The part of the hair that is below the surface of the skin is called

Hair grows and surfaces from a tube-shaped pocket known as a root or

The technical term for the fat produced by the sebaceous glands _______.

The part that is in the lower part of the follicle and that nourishes the germinal matrix is ​​known as

The base of the root is usually oval or round in the hair

The natural shape of the hair is determined by

The 3 basic shapes of the hair follicle are round, oval, and

The human body is covered with ________, but the lips, palms, soles of the feet and eyelids do not have because they do not have hair.

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