Texturizado del cabello

Welcome to the Hair Texturing Review- Test

Chemistry is the study of

If the hair cuticle is strong and compact it means:

When the hair is damp and has normal elasticity, it can stretch to ___ percent of its original length or length and return to the same length without breaking or splitting.

Proteins are made up of long chains of _____________ linked together by a string of beads.

The chemical bond that joins amino acids and one end to another is called the __________ or terminal bond

Long chains of amino acids linked by peptide bonds are called _____chains.

The ________________ bonds hold the keratin fibers in place and give human hair its incredible strength and elasticity

__________ is made up of millions of polypeptide chains.

The __________________ bonds are broken by water or heat

The __________________ bonds are broken by changes in pH

Bonds _______________are broken by perm and relaxer treatments

The __________________ bonds are broken by depilatory creams and are not restored because they dissolve

The oxidation reaction caused by the neutralizers rebuilds the __________ bonds.

The ______________ process begins the moment it is applied líquido ondulador en el cabello.

_________ was the creator of thermal waving

________________________ invented a machine with lots of wires that supplied electrical current to metal cylinders.

Long hair was rolled from the scalp to the ends with a technique called ____________.

Chemists ___________ and __________ introduced a method that used external heat generated by a chemical reaction.

The shorter hair curled from the ends towards the scalp. This technique was known as _________.

The _________________ replaced almost all of their predecessors and competitors.

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