Do you have stress? Tibetan bells help calm you down!

The Tingshas they are a pair of plate-shaped bells connected by a leather strap. They are used in meditation practice for the single, sustained sound, and harmonic they produce.

The Tingshas they have their origin in the Bön, an ancient Tibetan shamanic tradition that preceded and influenced Buddhism. At present it is used in astrological and therapeutic activities. It starts from the premise that the disease is like a blockage of energy in the auric field, and by making the bell “sing”, these energies are unblocked, helping to recover health. 


Tibetan bells help to calm stress because they attract positive energies during meditations to harmonize and balance the Yin and Yang energies of spaces in daily life. The effect of the gentle vibration of the bell is easily perceived by the whole body, which is why it is used continuously in therapies.

Pass the bell drawing three times the figure of infinity or eight. Hold firmly, and tap the edges together.

Let the Tingsha ring to silence. To achieve to reproduce a harmonious sound, hold each brass by the string at a 90 degree angle between the string hole and your hand, sound both cymbals at the same time.

It works with the same principle of resonance, as the sounds of quartz bowls and Tibetan (metallic) bowls, adjusting the vibration of the person in the same frequency that is emitted by these devices.

In the personal aspect you can do it every day, preferably during the day with the energy of the Sun.