BB GLOW STARTER KIT Skin Treatment Kit All Shades – 12 vials

  • BB Glow Starter Kit is ideal and perfect for all skin type. Our brightening color serum will make a big enhancement to your skincare range with the use of serums you will feel your skin smooth and it increase skin texture
  • BB glow serum Pigment has Five different shade ranges to address your needs for skin care
  • Whitening spotless ampoule serum deeply absorbs into your skin layers to give effective results. It improves skin texture, Lifting, Firming and Hydration Booster. Reduces wrinkles, dark eye circles and Hydrates your skin
  • BB Glow Starter Kit is not only suitable for salons and spa centers, but also good for personal skin care and foundation. This Serum treatment gives best result with Auto Dr Pen
  • Package: 1 Color Box, 12 Vials Serum Pigments, 2 Droppers


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