Starter Kit, Ampoule Serum Foundation Starter Kit, Freeze-dried Powder, BB Cream Brightening Serum

About this item

  • Ampoule Serum Foundation Starter Kit: Multi Freeze-dried powder can relieve skin epidermal damage, relieve dryness and redness of skin, repair skin, etc.
  • Powerful Repair Effect: For the skin after sun exposure, the skin is red and swollen, and the skin has a good repair effect, and the damaged skin is quickly repaired with deep water, and the effect of continuous use is obvious.
  • Easy to Absorb: The essence of the mask is evenly distributed, and the skin can fully absorb the essence.
  • Ultra Moisturizing Foundation Kit: From inside and outside complement skin place lacks watercent.
  • Deeply Nourishing Skin: Layers of skin nourishment, so that your skin delicate smooth, elastic.


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