Ice Cream Museum in New York (MOIC)

The Museum of Ice Cream in New York, better known as MOIC for its acronym in English, is an experience dedicated to popular ice creams. The MOIC is a collection of spaces, each with its own theme, which stimulates all the senses.
As the museum itself says, "The Ice Cream Museum transforms concepts and dreams into spaces that nurture imagination and creativity." The museum is a paradise for ice cream lovers young and old.
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In the place you will find works of art inspired by ice cream, you will learn about the history of ice cream and, of course, you will be able to try ice cream!
Although it is known as a museum, it is actually a  experience. The place consists of 13 rooms where there are always things different to try, all with ice cream theme.
If you want to visit this place you can reserve to secure your ticket and thus not lose the experience!
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